I.   International Asia Pacific Symposium

Politics, Economics and Social Structures of
South Asia

23-24th of October 2019

With the balance of power shifting from West to East in today’s world, the economic and demographical potential of South Asia has led interest to focus on the region. Especially rise of India and China and the relationships that these two countries established with the countries both in and out of the region have increased this interest. However, there are political, economic and social problems in the region because of diverse religious and ethnic groups, democratization issues and security issues mostly remnants of the colonial era. These problems are stopping the region from fulfilling its real potential.

The aim of this symposium has two main objectives. First is to discuss the solutions to the problems mentioned along with the dynamics of the region. The second is to increase the interest of Asia Pacific studies in Turkey. With these in regard, on the dates of 23th and 24th of October 2019 as a joint project of Istanbul Gelisim University, Center for Public Diplomacy of Kirklareli University (KADAM) and Caucasus Strategic Research Centre (KAFKASSAM),
 I. International Asia Pacific Symposium will be held. The main point of this year’s symposium was decided to be South Asia. The participations of academicians interested in the region are expected both nationally and internationally.
Participation in the symposium is free of charge. Travel and accommodation are not covered by the organisers and need to be organised by participants themselves.